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fell down stairs: did not like.

went to hospital: did not like.

pain medications: like.

asher-bear sad: really do not like. happy asher should be the asher that is him.

sort of out of it though. there was a thing but i forget it.

my sheets are very nice. i wonder if they have a threadcount. i do not know what that is. does someone count the threads. theo maybe i bet.

asher asher sing me a song.


jessica gets more action than her nerdly friend. SURPRISED I AM NOT.


i am so something

i might become an volunteer for this radio show.

there should be more EXCITEMENT

the great schlep is the best thing ever.


so, i hate sarah palin. OKAY i might be slightly biased but you know what? i don't care. i don't see how being smarmy is being personable. how can people find that appealing in a vp candidate? i don't want the people in the white house to seem like they are on the same intellectual level as me or like they are folksy or quirky. i want the people LEADING MY COUNTRY to be SMARTER than i am, more educated than i am, more polished than i am. basically, i want the people leading my country to be THE CREAM OF THE CROP.

also, what sort of double standard is it that she is allowed to pull out the 'mom' card if no one else is allowed to discuss her being a mom. like, wtf? i did like that biden was able to point out that, HELLO he was a single father after his first wife and daughter died.


i don't see why there seems to be this assumption that all women must hope that good things happen for palin in this election. somehow, to me, the fact that HEY, I HAVE A UTERUS AND SO DO YOU is a hell of a lot less important that the fact that i disagree with pretty much all her viewpoints. way to say that being gay is a choice, btw, not that we didnt all know about your opinions there before. WANTING A WOMAN IN THE WHITEHOUSE JUST BECAUSE SHE IS A WOMAN IS NO LESS SEXIST THAN NOT WANTING A WOMAN IN THE WHITEHOUSE JUST BECAUSE SHE IS A WOMAN. THE IMPORTANT PART IS THE 'BECAUSE SHE IS A WOMAN' OKAY?!


election years are bad for my blood pressure.

interesting, interesting

jakewithcheetos (1:32:54 PM): Heeeey diaaana
mockmeidareyou (1:33:19 PM): heeey person i dont know
jakewithcheetos (1:33:52 PM): No way man! we know each other!
jakewithcheetos (1:34:08 PM): Your friends with my little bro!
mockmeidareyou (1:34:14 PM): ...liam?
jakewithcheetos (1:34:20 PM): No.
jakewithcheetos (1:34:21 PM): Jake
jakewithcheetos (1:34:25 PM): jakewithcheetos
mockmeidareyou (1:34:42 PM): i don't know anyone named jake
jakewithcheetos (1:35:14 PM): I'm theo's brother!
mockmeidareyou (1:35:34 PM): OH
mockmeidareyou (1:35:47 PM): you played football with asher
jakewithcheetos (1:35:55 PM): Yuppp!
jakewithcheetos (1:36:01 PM): I did!
jakewithcheetos (1:36:04 PM): funny kid
mockmeidareyou (1:36:25 PM): just so you know, im going to put this conversation up on my blog becuase...yeah. its funny
jakewithcheetos (1:36:46 PM): oh ok
jakewithcheetos (1:36:51 PM): awesome I'll be famous!
jakewithcheetos (1:37:10 PM): But I probably shouldnt say anything embarrassing about Theo then!
mockmeidareyou (1:37:37 PM): you know embarrassing things about theo?
jakewithcheetos (1:37:52 PM): Well, i'm his brother.
jakewithcheetos (1:37:53 PM): but I'm not going to tell you!
jakewithcheetos (1:38:13 PM): I mean, you're already stalking him! i get that he has the good willis family genes but you shouldn't play it so obvious.
mockmeidareyou (1:38:28 PM): ...
mockmeidareyou (1:38:30 PM): HAHAHAHAHA
mockmeidareyou (1:38:33 PM): HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
mockmeidareyou (1:38:36 PM): OH I CANT BREATHE
jakewithcheetos (1:38:39 PM): ?
jakewithcheetos (1:38:47 PM): That sounds like a problem!
mockmeidareyou (1:39:26 PM): ...
mockmeidareyou (1:39:34 PM): I dont have a crush on your brother
jakewithcheetos (1:39:43 PM): but you're always pulling his pigtails!
jakewithcheetos (1:39:45 PM): so to speak
mockmeidareyou (1:40:04 PM): HAHAHA
mockmeidareyou (1:40:05 PM): ok
mockmeidareyou (1:40:06 PM): well
mockmeidareyou (1:40:08 PM): no.
mockmeidareyou (1:40:12 PM): i do not like him.
jakewithcheetos (1:40:56 PM): You sure?
mockmeidareyou (1:41:00 PM): positive
jakewithcheetos (1:41:12 PM): Damn
jakewithcheetos (1:41:24 PM): I guess that just leaves that Samantha girl then.
jakewithcheetos (1:41:32 PM): I thought my brother had a harem
mockmeidareyou (1:41:52 PM): I think samantha has moved on to greener nerd
mockmeidareyou (1:42:00 PM): but don't worry, theo still has a harem
jakewithcheetos (1:42:04 PM): ??
jakewithcheetos (1:42:08 PM): with WHO
mockmeidareyou (1:42:13 PM): I cant tell you that
jakewithcheetos (1:42:34 PM): why not?
mockmeidareyou (1:42:37 PM): because
mockmeidareyou (1:42:39 PM): i can;t
mockmeidareyou (1:42:41 PM): so.
jakewithcheetos (1:42:53 PM): You suck
mockmeidareyou (1:43:01 PM): funny you should bring that up
jakewithcheetos (1:43:07 PM): ?!?!?!
mockmeidareyou (1:43:19 PM): becuase i am now going to go get a popsicle
mockmeidareyou (1:43:22 PM): jeez
mockmeidareyou (1:43:25 PM): brb
jakewithcheetos (1:43:34 PM): oh um sorry i thought you were IMPLYING something
mockmeidareyou (1:44:32 PM): i WAS
mockmeidareyou (1:45:17 PM): to freak you out
jakewithcheetos (1:45:23 PM): oh snap!
jakewithcheetos (1:45:32 PM): You got me!
mockmeidareyou (1:45:35 PM): yeaaa
jakewithcheetos (1:45:45 PM): So your friends with asher right
mockmeidareyou (1:45:56 PM): yea he is my bitch
jakewithcheetos (1:46:16 PM): Cool
jakewithcheetos (1:46:25 PM): And you're also friends with Emily
mockmeidareyou (1:46:34 PM): sometimes
jakewithcheetos (1:46:42 PM): I remember Emily!
jakewithcheetos (1:46:45 PM): Sweet girl.
jakewithcheetos (1:46:47 PM): Very cute.
jakewithcheetos (1:46:55 PM): Not as hot as you,though.
mockmeidareyou (1:47:09 PM): ER
jakewithcheetos (1:47:20 PM): Well, you said that you don't like Theo!
jakewithcheetos (1:47:27 PM): it's okay for me to hit on you now~!
mockmeidareyou (1:47:30 PM): ...
mockmeidareyou (1:47:31 PM): right
mockmeidareyou (1:47:37 PM): you suck at hitting on people
mockmeidareyou (1:47:43 PM): just so you know
jakewithcheetos (1:47:59 PM): Well, I wasn't REALLY. I mean, you are like, three years old.
mockmeidareyou (1:48:21 PM): I'm 16 you idiot
jakewithcheetos (1:48:26 PM): Yeah!
jakewithcheetos (1:48:32 PM): Theo will be 16 in October!
mockmeidareyou (1:48:35 PM): I see.
jakewithcheetos (1:48:51 PM): How is my baby bro anyway?
mockmeidareyou (1:49:00 PM): why dont you ask him?
jakewithcheetos (1:49:20 PM): I do but he doesn't tell me stuff. :(:(:(
mockmeidareyou (1:49:30 PM): well he seems okay
mockmeidareyou (1:49:31 PM): to me
mockmeidareyou (1:49:37 PM): normal for him anyway
jakewithcheetos (1:49:42 PM): Oh good
mockmeidareyou (1:50:01 PM): are you worried about him or something?
jakewithcheetos (1:50:05 PM): No
jakewithcheetos (1:50:17 PM): I'm just not around anymore!
mockmeidareyou (1:50:26 PM): yea where are you anyway
jakewithcheetos (1:50:35 PM): Massachusetts, baby!
mockmeidareyou (1:50:39 PM): huh
mockmeidareyou (1:50:42 PM): whats it like there
jakewithcheetos (1:50:50 PM): Pretty much like anywhere else
jakewithcheetos (1:51:04 PM): I'm working for my uncle
mockmeidareyou (1:51:13 PM): yeah theo mentioned that
jakewithcheetos (1:51:18 PM): :O
jakewithcheetos (1:51:29 PM): You and Theo talk about me?
mockmeidareyou (1:51:33 PM): Not really
jakewithcheetos (1:51:54 PM): Ok
jakewithcheetos (1:51:58 PM): So you're a junior
jakewithcheetos (1:52:07 PM): Man I remember junior year!
jakewithcheetos (1:52:12 PM): I do not envy you
mockmeidareyou (1:52:16 PM): hmm
mockmeidareyou (1:52:34 PM): its okay so far
jakewithcheetos (1:52:56 PM): Thats good
jakewithcheetos (1:52:59 PM): Don't slack off!
jakewithcheetos (1:53:02 PM): Do your homework!
jakewithcheetos (1:53:04 PM): Study up!
jakewithcheetos (1:53:07 PM): Pay Attention!
jakewithcheetos (1:53:09 PM): Have Fun!
mockmeidareyou (1:53:22 PM): being a spaz is genetic?
jakewithcheetos (1:53:27 PM): Maybeee
mockmeidareyou (1:53:43 PM): well then
jakewithcheetos (1:54:27 PM): So Theo told me you guys have a secret project!
jakewithcheetos (1:54:30 PM): Sounds awesome!
jakewithcheetos (1:54:32 PM): Good luck!
mockmeidareyou (1:54:36 PM): thanks
mockmeidareyou (1:54:53 PM): we just have to keep a few interfering people from ruining things
jakewithcheetos (1:55:03 PM): lol good luck!
mockmeidareyou (1:55:19 PM): hmmm
mockmeidareyou (1:55:30 PM): wanna give us $5
jakewithcheetos (1:55:38 PM): not really
mockmeidareyou (1:55:43 PM): damn
jakewithcheetos (1:55:57 PM): sorry!
jakewithcheetos (1:56:13 PM): but I'm very far away
jakewithcheetos (1:56:31 PM): damn i gotta go now
jakewithcheetos (1:56:42 PM): talk to you later dianabobana
mockmeidareyou (1:56:54 PM): bye
mockmeidareyou (1:56:56 PM): WAIT WHAT
jakewithcheetos signed off at 1:56:59 PM.
jakewithcheetos is offline and will receive your IMs when signing back in.

a meme

1. leave me a comment saying, “interview me.”
2. i will respond by asking you 5 questions of a very personal nature.
3. you will update your lj with the answers to the questions.
4. you will include this and an offer to interview someone else in the post.
5. when others comment asking to be interviewed you will ask them 5 questions.

questions asked by bloodyromance84

1. Does being Jewish present any problems for you (social or otherwise) in life?

not really. it is sort of weird sometimes, since i go to catholic school. most kids just dont know anything about being jewish and so ask dumb questions. but nah, i wouldn't say it presents any real problems just annoyances sometimes.

2. You say that you're not bothered that your mom isn't home much some Falls. Do you not have a good relationship with her?

i think my mom and i have a pretty good relationship as far as teenage daughter/mother relationships go... we dont really talk a lot i guess. but when she isnt around my dad and i get to hang out more which is cool because my dad is fun. we just dont hang out one on one a lot wen my mom is around because then we do stuff as a family or whatever.

3. How about your relationship with the rest of your family (immediate and beyond)?

well my dad and i are cool, like i said. i have a lot of family, actually. most of them live in manhatten though. i like most of them even though a lot of them are loud. we're the most stereotypical italian jewish new yorker family, ha ha. basically we eat. ALL THE TIME. my favorite family member is probably my uncle's life partner...he's really funny and weird. he works in advertising and is really weird. they're in the middle of trying to adopt a kid...

4. You have a really cynical and bitter disposition in life; any reason?

eh, no deep dark secret. i just don;t have a lot of patience for idiots and the world is full of them.

5. What's Asher's real name?

asher is his real surname, on his birth certificate and everything.

things don't change

another school year begins.

asher is still dramatic.

emily is still hyper.

ashleigh is still bald.

anthony is still easily flustered.

theodore is still twitchy.

jessica is still random.

coach peters is still in desperate need of getting laid.

mrs minogue is still the most boring teacher in the world.

my vagina still hates me.

i am still bitter about everything.

soooo politics

my mom is back from the democratic convention, but she is leaving again soon for other campaign-y things so whatever. she isn't home much the falls of election years. i sincerely do not have a problem with that at all.

obama's speech was pretty good. clinton's was awesome. did she get a new speech writer? hmm.

anyway im kind of pissed off because my mom says that the republican party is going to be able to use this hurricane gustav stuff to help them. yay for using tragedies to further your political agenda. assholes. also what's up with choosing palin? she;s been governor for like, two seconds. isnt mccains whole thing about experience and saying that obama is too new for politics? and yet, the potentially oldest president ever chooses someone so new to politics to be a heartbeat away from president? wow, that makes no sense. nice going.

i am so not excited for school. my excitement is zero. stupid school. asher might not even be there for the first few days. ughhhhhh

it is not what you think

it isnt

theo, email emily. this time speak english. soon you will have another chance to redeem yourself

emily, ignore whatever theo sends you as he is stupid. call me and ill tell you shit.

asher, calm down. it isnt about you and wouldnt interest you anyway.

anyone else, you suck.


you are my twinkle, my little, little star.


asher and theodore are back from chicago.

asher has a parent.

and a chip on his shoulder.

and a frusterated libido.

i knew about the second two, but the first was unexpected.

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